Damali Kiggundu Nkosi

Damali Kiggundu Nkosi is the co-founder and Director of Christian Progressive College. Christian Progressive College was established in 1997 and was one of the first independent low fee inner city schools in Pretoria SouthAfrica. It initially started as a Saturday School, running remedial classes and targeting disadvantaged communities. The school grew to a full stream private school from Grade RR to Grade 12 within 5 years. Christian Progressive College has churned out excellence consistently for the past 20 years, with a rising pass rate each year for matriculants and a remarkable track record of a student with 100% in Maths in 2014.

Damali acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences and a Btech in Information Systems, followed by MTech in Information Systems. She has written 2 publications: The Role of Technology in developing skills among women, A Case study YWCA in 1995 and The role of ICT in the development of entrepreneur skills of women in rural areas in 2007.

It is through writing dissertations on Women in Technology that the passion to be a change maker on gender parity in the Technology sector was birthed. Damali believes that digital literacy will lead a revolution in the world of education and gender parity. She co-founded PingLady, a Non-Profit Company with a vision to see more women entrepreneurs and professionals in the Technology Industry.