Our directors are a formidable team of women who are passionate about mentoring and coaching young women in the IT sector. They include:

Syson Kiggundu Kunda – founder of Ping Lady (more about Syson over HERE)

Hema Vallabh – chemical engineer by profession and a change-maker by passion (more about Hema over HERE)

Dr Reevana Balmahoon – engineer by qualification and senior data scientist by profession (more about Reevana over HERE)

Dr Maureen Tong – academic; international lawyer; business woman and professional coach (more about Maureen over HERE)

Damali Kiggundu Nkosi – co-founder of Ping Lady and Director of Christian Progressive College (more about Damali over HERE)

Barbara Birungi – social entrepreneur, technologist, activist, mentor, teacher and investor (more about Barbara over HERE)